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Kantronics Products At Work:

MARSGRAMS are messages between soldiers in the U.S. Military and their friends and relatives back home. You can learn more about them at www.marsgateway.net.

Connecting Soldiers and Families...

October 14, 2004

Kantronics Attn: Cheryl Seiwald

Dear Cheryl and Kantronics Members,

I received the Kam-XL Monday by Fed-Ex and I wish to thank everyone for their efforts in supporting our military. This item will allow our troops to send and receive correspondence via any digital mode necessary.

I am not sure you really know how much you have helped. Messages (most MARSGRAMS) at this point have been sent to the Gateway in Germany and then mailed to troops in theater. With your help you have just reduced a ten to fourteen day delivery to approximately two to three day delivery process. This is an effort to keep soldiers and their family members closer.

Again, allow me to say Thank You for your support. ...


James E. Holdeman


Kantronics equipment in Antarctica
Ken Crawley with Kantronics equipment in Antarctica

Delivering Telemetry in Antarctica:

Two Kantronics KPC-9612+ modems are operating without problems in Antarctica. They are part of a remote weather station, providing the data relay between the Odeil Glacier and the Air Traffic Controllers at McMurdo Station. The Odell Glacier is a 50,000 year old blue ice glacier. Typical operating temperatures regularly go below -40°C/F.

One of the modems was cold tested as part of certifying the relay for Antarctic conditions. (See more about the testing process here)

The modems are operating in an unproto mode, modulating a UHF radio at the weather station, going to the Mt. Brook UHF/VHF relay at 10,400 ft, then going 125 miles VHF to McMurdo where the second KPC-9612+ sends the data down the mountain to the ATC office. The system has been operational for 2 years.


As Robert says:

"Kantronics Modems: The data you send, is what is received. At times lives will depend on that. Depend on Kantronics."

Helping After Hurricanes:

March 17 2005

Dear Ms Seiwald,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all of the folks at Kantroincs for donating to my home town of Pensacola Florida a replacement Kantronics KPC-3+ used in our Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) APRS weather and special needs storm shelter digital communication system. Hurricane Ivan with it's 140+ mph gusts spanning over seven pre dawn hours here on Sept 16th took its toll, including human life. Over 45 percent of the homes and business structures were moderately to severely damaged from the storm. It will be some time before Pensacola and the surrounding area will look afresh and new again. But we endured as others have in times and places of disaster, and with the helping hand from Kantronics we are well on our way. With the unselfish act of giving to those in need, there will always be abundant blessings returned. When there is nothing more that can be said, I will say nothing except, thank you, thank you all at Kantronics.

Robert W Lawson W4RL


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