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FC-3000 Paging Transmitter Controller

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View/Download (PDF format):  FC Series User's Manual (690k)


FC-3000 front view

Reliable 4-level FLEX™ encoding at a surprising price

Kantronics proudly introduces the latest addition to its legendary line of paging infrastructure equipment -- the Kantronics FC-3000.

In addition to Golay and POCSAG protocols, the FC-3000 expands your system economically to encode the popular FLEX™ protocol.

The FC-3000 offers ease of set-up and a wide variety of linking options for system flexibility.

Remarkable control of data flow ensures efficient use of valuable link and airtime. System configuration and firmware upgrades are all easily accomplished from the central site.

Combined with Kantronics' known reliability, the FC-3000 was designed to save you money and time, while increasing your revenue potential.

FC-3000 Features

Mix of Golay and POCSAG encoding
PURC™ control (optional)
Hardware features designed to meet your needs today, and as your system grows. Superior GPS synchronized, protocol-sharing simulcasting
• POCSAG, 512, 1200, 2400
• FLEX™ 1600 & 3200 bps
•  FLEX™ 3200 & 6400 bps
•  Short and Long addressing
•  1 MB of RAM supports > 15000 pages
•  Battery-backed RAM
•  Two exciter ports to maximize transmission capabilities
•  Remote upgrade to Flash
•  2 TNPP ports that support two-way transmission
•  EIA-422 port
•  Capable of longer cabling

FC-3000 Specifications

Dimensions (H×W×D)0.8"×13"×4.5" (rack mountable)
Weight26 oz
Power Requirements< 120 ma at 12 V dc
Destination Table32 addresses
Ram Buffer1 Megabyte
Transmitter support2 with 1 channel OR 1 with 4 channels binary addressing, OR 2 with 2 channels
Two ports (TTL, OR RS-232, open drain PTT)
External Carrier supportPulldown, ground, 2 ports
DataTTL or RS-232 levels
FormatGolay; POCSAG 512, 1200, 2400; FLEX™ 1600, 3200, 6400 selectable CWID
ModesTNPP receiver, POCSAG encoder, simulcasting (master and slave)
Input formatTNPP (blind or full)
TNPP portsTwo, RS-232: 1200 to 9600 baud, DB-9: 1200 - 19200 baud
Exciter portsTTL or RS-232 data drive, PTT, 2 radio select lines, DB-15
GPS portRS-422 interface: DB-9
Control/Console portRS-232: command/programming port DB-9: 300 to 38400 baud
Auxiliary portRS-232: reserved for future use
Warranty The FC-3000 is protected by a one-year limited warranty to the original owner

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.
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