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KPC-3+ / KPC-9612+ Service Bulletin

Notice to Kantronics Customers (for information only, all units shipped since 2007 have 9.1)

Regarding Kantronics KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ radio modems with version 9.0 software:

An anomaly was discovered in the version 9.0 firmware for KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ units. The anomaly only affects the APRS DIGI applications. In the APRS DIGI application, UIDUPE, UIDIGI, UIFLOOD, and UITRACE did not provide duplicate checking for APRS packets as originally designed.

The 9.1 version of the KPC-3+ and KPC-9612+ firmware, corrected the anomaly. It can be ordered through Kantronics Sales.

The new (version 9.1) software does not offer any feature changes other than providing duplicate checking for APRS packets in the APRS DIGI applications.

If you have questions about this service bulletin, please contact our service/technical support department. You can contact our service department at:

Kantronics  •  14830 West 117th Street  •  Olathe, Kansas 66062
Phone (913) 839-1470  •  Fax (913) 839-8231  • 
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